May 26, 2022

Today’s saint is Saint Theopista, wife of Saint Anastasius of Camerino.  Before they became Christians, St. Theopista and her husband went by Tatiana and Placidus. The couple had two sons at the time of their conversion. 

Not much is known about Saint Theopista’s birthday or place. However, scholars know that her family lived in Camerino, Italy. Thus, you’ll sometimes hear her referred to as Saint Theopista of Camerino. 

It is said that St. Anastasius saw a sag with a crucifix between its horns and simultaneously heard a voice tell him that he would suffer for the sake of Christ. This vision is said to have occurred at Guadagnolo between Tivoli near Rome.

Fun Facts

• St. Theopista’s memorial day or feast day is on May 11th.

• Did you know there is a statue of St. Theopista on the front wall of the cathedral of Matera, Italy?

• St Theopista died in 251 when her entire family was beheaded.

• St Theopista is also commonly referred to as St Theopista of Camerino after the place her family lived and was later executed for their faith.


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