Abraham Kidunaia

May 11, 2022

Today’s Saint of the day is Saint Abraham Kidunaia. Abraham was born in the third century to a noble family near Edessa.

Brief History

Saint Abraham’s parents were quite affluent, and they made certain that their son received an excellent education. After completing his education, Abraham’s family urged him to marry, but he had other ideas – he informed his new bride that he desired to devote himself to God and remain a virgin. Abraham became a hermit among the cities of Edessa and Mesopotamia.

Fun Facts

  • At a young age, St. Abraham was coerced into an arranged marriage. Abraham escaped during the wedding ceremonies.
  • According to Syrian tradition, Abraham’s affluent parents picked a spouse for him. There was only one concern: Abraham had quietly pledged to live a celibate life but had not informed his family.
  • He barricaded himself in a neighboring building, leaving a little opening for his family to provide food and water and for him to convey his desire for a devout life.
  • His family backed down, the marriage was annulled, and he spent the following decade in his cell.
  • Abraham’s parents died ten years after he withdrew from the world, leaving him a wealthy man.
  • He arranged for the distribution of the fortune to the underprivileged.
  • Abraham became recognized as a holy man across the region, and many sought direction from him.
  • When the Bishop of Edessa learned of Abraham’s reputation, he ordained him a priest and assigned him to Beth-Kiduna.
  • He constructed a church, destroyed idols, endured abuse and violence, set an example, and converted the entire community.
  • After a year, he pleaded to God for a greater pastor to be sent to the community
  • Fearful of developing material desires, he retreated to his cell in Edessa and spent the next fifty years in prayer and penance. He was renowned for never reprimanding anyone harshly, but rather with kindness and gentleness.


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