Saint Taurinus

May 4, 2022

Saint Taurinus of Evreux, commonly known as Saint Taurin, is a venerated saint by the Roman Catholic Church. According to his legend, Saint Taurinus was the first bishop of Evreux who evangelized the region before dying a martyr.

His legendary life was written by a monk called Deodatus in the 10th century, where he talked about how Saint Taurinus lived his life in service of God.

Saint Taurinus was born in c.350 in Rome to Tarquinius, his father, a heathen, and Eustycia, a devoted Christian. Legend has it that an angel had appeared to Eustycia and told her that her son would have a great destiny, and indeed he did.

Around 385, Taurinus became the bishop of Evreux. Saint Taurinus faced a demon that took three shapes in Evreux, according to his legend. The shapes were that of a lion, a buffalo, and a bear. These three transmutes were said to represent several deadly sins, or the official Roman religion (lion), the worship of Diana (bear), and the local agrarian-based religions (the buffalo).

In addition, Taurinus exorcized the demon from the local temple of Diana, and the demon even obeyed his order to destroy its idols. After that, he did not immediately cast the demon into the pit but punished it by making it watch the people it had tormented saved. The local people called this demon Gobelinus. Even after being exorcised, it still haunted Evreux while appearing in different shapes. However, this time around, it did not harm anyone.

Moreover, Bishop Taurinus transformed the local pagan temple into a church, which he dedicated to the Virgin Mary. However, it was not easy as Cambise and Zara, who were the priests of the goddess, tried to stop the bishop from invading their temple. The two were immobilized when bishop Taurinus made the sign of the cross, and as a result, they requested to be converted to Christianity.

Nonetheless, many miracles have been associated with saint Taurinus, for instance, raising a girl known as Euphrasia from the dead. He also raised Marinus, the son of the local prefect, from the dead. 

His miracles made many people convert to Christianity, especially those he healed or brought back to life. Saint Taurinus served God with all his might until his time of death in ca. 410. He was replaced by Maximus of Evreux, who Pope Damasus I sent to continue his predecessor’s work.

Fun Facts About Saint Taurinus

  • Saint Taurinus was the first bishop of Évreux.
  • He died a martyr.
  • Saint Taurinus faced a demon that took three shapes in Evreux.
  • Saint Taurinus transformed a pagan temple into a church.
  • Saint Taurinus performed miracles.


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