St. Richard Reynolds

April 27, 2022

Richard Reynolds was born in 1492 in Devon, England, and educated at Corpus Christi, Cambridge. Reynolds was the first Monk well-versed in the three principal languages, Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. He was respected and honored by the Catholic church and considered the most glorious Spiritual counselor of the Syon community.

Reynolds was arrested and imprisoned in mid-April among the other three Carthusians including John Houghton, Robert Lawrence, and Augustine Webster. They were all arrested for failing to acknowledge and take the Oath of supremacy to King Henry VII of England. Richard was also charged with persuading people not to submit to the King’s authority. After being dragged through the streets, Reynolds and the three Carthusians were later executed on May 4th, 1535. Richard Reynolds body parts were chopped into pieces and hung in different parts of London, including the gate of Syon.

Reynolds was beatified in 1886 and declared a saint on October 25th, 1970, by Pope Paul VI among the Forty Martyrs of England and Wales. His feast day was placed on May 5th, and all Catholics remember him during this day. The Catholics believe they can also pray through him. Richard is the patron of St Richard Reynolds Catholic College in Twickenham


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