Gonsalo Garcia

April 21, 2022

St. Gonsalo Garcia is a Christian martyr who died in the sixteenth century. He was born in Bassein, Vasai, and tutored by Fr. Sebastian Goncalves for seven years before working as the right hand of Fr. St. Peter Baptist Superior for a few more years. Later on, he was sent on a Christian mission to Japan. He was crucified under accusations of treason by sedition after four years of missionary work. Today, Bassein is located in the greater Bombay metropolis.

Born in 1556, St. Gonsalo was canonized on 8th July 1862. Pope Pius IX canonized him at St. Gonsalo Garcia Church Gass in Vasai, India. Today, we celebrate the feast of the 27 martyrs around 5th February each year.

The Story of his Martyrdom

St Garcia was sent to Japan by the Spanish governor in 1592. He was sent along with Baptista on a diplomatic mission on behalf of his country. After four years of service, the Japanese suspected St. Gonsalo and his fellow missionaries, who numbered 26, of sedition.

On 8th December 1597, they were put under house arrest at the monastery. The situation quickly escalated when they were arrested and shackled. On 3rd January 1597, their left years were cut off. They would subsequently be crucified on Nagasaki Hills.

St. Garcia was the first to get crucified, and witnesses recounted his last moments as he hugged his cross and sang praises to God as his heart was pierced twice.


St. Gonsalo was declared venerable by Pope Urban VIII on 5th February 1629. After their veneration was made official, St. Gonsalo was declared a saint by Pope Pius IX on 8th June 1862.


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