Simon the Zealot

April 18, 2022

Simon the Zealot is also known as Saint Simon the Apostle, Simon the Canaanite, or Simon the Cananaean. The gospels of Mark and Mathew refer to him as Simon the Canaanite, while Luke refers to him as Simon the Zealot. All his names have the same definition; the meaning of both Canaanite and Cananaean is “to be zealous.” His name had nothing to do with geographical location. He was from Galilee. This name, Simon, the Zealot, appears thrice in the New Testament. His activities are not highly highlighted in the bible even though he was one of the 12 apostles of Jesus. He preached in Egypt and Persia, where he and St. Jude suffered martyrdom. He died at Edessa, and he is celebrated every 28th of October.

Simon was among the apostles who were close to Jesus. Simon got the name Zealot due to his strict adherence to the Canaanite law and Jewish law. He was called to discipleship and abandoned politics to spread the gospel. Before becoming an apostle of Christ, he was a member of the Zealots’ political movement that revolted against Rome. They viewed Romans as an influence that destroyed the Jewish culture. Simon was fiercely patriotic to his nation and observed the law without fearing the gentiles’ powers.

When Simon met Jesus, his priorities changed. Having been a member of the Zealots group, he knew how to be loyal and strict with teachings. He spent around three years witnessing the teachings and miracles of Jesus. His ministry is not described in the bible, but he was definitely part of the leaders behind the early church.

Simon’s greatest strengths were his ability to follow Jesus and his faithfulness to spreading the gospel after the death and resurrection of Jesus. However, he deserted Jesus at one point during the trial and crucifixion. However, that doesn’t make him insignificant. He remains one of the obscure disciples of Jesus.


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