April 8, 2022

Perpetua was a Roman noblewoman who was a Christian martyr. She kept a well-documented diary of her trial and imprisonment that is called “The Passions of Saint Perpetua and Felicity.” Her martyrdom and her diary have been talked about for thousands of years in the Christian community. Her death was written about in the journal by an eyewitness who witnessed the death of Perpetua.

Fun Facts

  • Perpetua was put in prison because she wanted to be Christian, and converting to Christianity was forbidden in 201-202 A.D.
  • Perpetua’s texts are the oldest surviving account from a Christian woman.
  • Perpetua’s father pleaded with her to denounce her faith so that she could be spared.
  • Felicity (Felicitas) was enslaved, but she was also Perpetua’s companion. She gave birth to a child in prison. Her death was voluntary, as she didn’t want to give up her faith.
  • According to the eyewitness, Perpetua and her companions got mauled by wild beasts then died by the sword.
  • The feast day for Perpetua is March 7
  • Perpetua’s diary was read annually in Carthage’s churches for centuries
  • The Church Father Augustine wrote sermons commenting on Perpetua’s words
  • Perpetua’s text continues to draw readers into the Christian community


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