Saint Verdiana

April 6, 2022

Verdiana was an Italian saint that lived in the medieval ages (1184-1242). She was born to an upper-class family in Castelfiorentino, Italy. Her generosity and sense of charity were noted from early on. Verdiana lived in the cell that she was walled into until 60 years old when she died.

Fun Facts

  • At age 26, Verdiana had herself cornered as an anchoress to a small cell that was next to San Antonio. She had a strong desire for solitude and penance.
  • Her bed in the summer was on the ground. She laid on a board in the winter with only a wooden block serving as a pillow.
  • Verdiana only ate bread, water, and herbs. She often shared with the two snakes that came in and out of her dwelling, making them her associates.
  • She has been granted the gift of miracles and was also very prepared for her death.
  • In 1222, St Francis, who was also practicing penance, visited Verdiana in her dwelling to give her the habit of The Third Order.
  • In 1533, Pope Clement was so moved by the many miracles that had occurred that he approved all devotion to her.
  • February 1st is known as the feast day of St. Verdiana


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